John Craig Lyttle

The revisionists of the history of the United Irishmen from whatever quarter they maybe are confronted in this work with irrefutable evidence debunking their versions and often twisted visions of history. The author in a ‘No Hole Barred’, approach outlines the tendency by many, who wish to carry out Historical revisionism on a grand scale involving either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about historical events, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record in both hiding their past or more importantly to rewrite history for their own agenda.

A History of Lodges in 1798

“There’s scarcely a United Irishman who is not a Mason, nor a Mason who is not both.”

(The government Spy, John Henry Smith, alias Bird, reporting from Belfast to Dublin Castle, in 1796.)

The First Book on This Important Subject Written by a Freemason

 The author examines available Masonic and United Irishmen’s data on each County which will be of interest to historians interested in the 1798 era, Freemasons and readers of their own localities’ history included.