This book is the first work written on this subject by a member of the Masonic Order and for the first time explains the actual true extent of the involvement of elements of the Order. There is particular reference to the Northern Counties in the Volunteer movement and the Society of the United Irishmen leading up to the 1798 era. The truth is told at last and rocks previously held dogma, academic positions, and sectarian accounts of Ireland’s history at this time to its very foundations. The author examines available Masonic and United Irishmen’s data on each County which will be of interest to historians interested in the 1798 era, Freemasons and readers of their own localities’ history included.

The revisionists of the history of the United Irishmen, from whatever quarter they maybe, are confronted with irrefutable evidence debunking their versions and often twisted visions of history. The reasons for this rewriting of our history, the author will argue, are actually blunter than we may wish to imagine. That is the tendency by many, including some modern Republican historians and even those within both the Protestant and Masonic establishments, who wish to carry out Historical revisionism on a grand scale. This involves either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about historical events, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record in both hiding their past or more importantly to rewrite history for their own agenda

The author is a Law graduate of the Ulster University Jordanstown, at which he is a Guest Law lecturer in Specialist fields, a past graduate of Queens University, Belfast, and Master of Social Science in Criminal Justice Management & Criminology. A Freemason for some 25 years he is a past Master of Lodges in Counties Antrim and Down. A member of a number of different branches of the Masonic Order, he is a Past Officer of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim and is currently a Provincial Grand Inspector in that Province. A writer and amateur Irish historian he has received no assistance, financial or otherwise from any official body or group including the Ulster- Scots Agency in compiling or funding the publication of this book.  

Faithful to the last